Chasing the Wind


Happy Clan Adventures is all about documenting the fun journey that our little clan is undertaking. This past December I was notified that I was a recipient of a Lily Teacher Creativity grant for 2017. My proposal revolves around my desire to learn to kite board, to demonstrate that learning is a lifelong process and to share my families’ joy for life. Follow along with me and my family as we learn to kite, travel and have adventures along the way.


adventure (from

noun exciting or very unusual experience.
2.participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: the spirit of adventure.
3.a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertainoutcome.
4.a commercial or financial speculation of any kind; venture.


  1. peril; danger; risk.
  2. chance; fortune; luck.
verb (used with object)adventured, adventuring.
6. to risk or hazard. take the chance of; dare. venture to say or utter: to adventure an opinion.
verb (used without object)adventured, adventuring.
9. to take the risk involved. venture; hazard.