The Sun Land Express



After a long summer of adventuring in “Frieda”, we sold her to a young couple that was excited to travel. She was a fast house, but a very slow car. We had a great deal of fun, but I think that our next adventures will be more tent-based.

We are the proud new owners of this beauty, a 1986 Toyota Sun Land Express. Follow our journey as we remodel the inside and update this micro camper for our fun adventures.

We are gutting the bathroom and putting in all new shower siding and basin. We are also updating the toilet and sink. Ben is having fun cutting off doors and such. Evie likes to sit in the seats and buckle herself up pretending that the camper is a trolley that will take her anywhere she wants to go!


Check out the after pictures…We dropped a couple grand into the engine and mechanicals, several hundred into the interior and more late nights than I care to remember. She drives and rides great though and she’s comfortable in the campgrounds.