Progressing towards Proficiency


As I prepare to attend my first kite boarding camp this Spring Break at the Real Water Sports Center in Waves, NC…I’ve been trying to work my kite handling skills. There are some very helpful YouTube videos that provide basic introductory kite instruction. It seems that a general rule of thumb is that a person needs to spend about 20 hours with a trainer kite before making the step up to a full size kite.  I also don’t want to spend much time during a $1500 for 3 days class learning skills that I could have learned in my neighborhood park.

I’m at the point with my kiting skills that I can fly figure-8’s one handed with either hand. My next step is adding a skateboard into the mix getting a feel of controlling the kite while maintaining balance. I was hoping to get a decent amount of “snow kiting” in this winter, but my little slice of Indiana hasn’t had snow since early December…



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