A Touch of Nordic and HopSlam




Winter in Indiana offers little excitement in the realm of extreme sports, but occasionally I luck into a little fun. We had a healthy dump of snow last night and I woke up sufficient snow to go out for some cross-country skiing. On my way to get out skiing, I lucked into one of the few stores in the area with HopSlam.

HopSlam is a tasty double IPA from Bells Brewing up in Kalamazoo. They produce limited batches of the stuff and I managed to buy a case of the nectar. It’s good stuff, but nothing that I’d drive out of my way for…


Acres Land Trust has a ton of local natural spaces in my area. I decided to check out Dygert Nature Preserve and get some exercise with Sparky. I skied the parameter of the park and saw tons of wildlife and birds. Cardinals, nuthatches, and chickadees were out in full force. It’s always fun to check out the fresh tracks to of deer, foxes, and raccoons. Sparky loves following the fresh trails in the snow. As usual, I was all alone out there making some fresh tracks. After a nice long ski, I cracked an icy HopSlam to celebrate.

Cheers people! Enjoy the weather!


Here is a short video of me tackling a “hill”…it is Indiana!


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