Land Yacht

We finally did it. We found a camper to fit our little family and have begun the remodel to fit our needs. We have been dreaming about this type of undertaking since before we had children. Ben and I began camping and back packing very early on after we met. You could say it helped shape our relationship and we built upon many of our experiences through travel and being outdoors. For the past 5 years I have either been pregnant, having our kids, and now rearing our children as a “Stay at home” mother/devoted family manager. With our daughters being so little, we haven’t had the opportunity to go camping or hiking without having to either carry someone most of the way. So the camper idea has been on our brains to really give us some comfort and that home type feel for our girls as we begin camping with them. Now that Ben has won this awesome opportunity to travel and learn to Kite Board, this camper will be our home away from home. We hope to spend most weekends during the summer months exploring the west coast of Michigan. We also are open to other areas of the Great Lakes. If we can fit it in, we may even make it to the East Coast once more to round out our summer 2017 to hone our skills and enjoy some much needed family and outdoor time. My wish is that our kids will embrace the camper (which will be totally remodeled) and feel comfortable inside. We want them to embark on this journey with us as we also look forward to seeing these new experiences through their pure unadulterated eyes.

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