Setting Up For Safety

The Camper is at the mechanic for a safety inspection and its various mechanical needs such as oil change, tune-up and look through. Ben is getting to work getting our reservations for the trip to North Carolina and he is dreaming almost hourly about the wind and what he will get to do with it! Every time we drive by an open field he talks about riding a dirt board and kiting all over the field. I look forward to seeing that! Evelyn is so excited to go camping she asks daily if we can sleep in the camper yet. Let’s hope that Alba is as excited as her big sister. By the time we take our first trip in it, she will be around 16 months old. We may have some pretty interesting nights in there, but it will all be worth it. I suppose even with hotel rooms, you have to get used to your new sleeping arrangements. In about 2 weeks we get to put in our new flooring and demo the camper bathroom. Look for updates!

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