The Crew

Say hello to the roughest and toughest group of fun-hogs ever to roam Northeast Indiana and beyond in search of good times!

Ben and Justine have been married for over ten years. They met while in college at Purdue University in West Lafayette. After getting hitched in 2006, they sold their vehicles and bought a Chevy G20 conversion van which they converted into the sweetest camper van  ever to criss-cross the country. After many adventures, they settled down in Humboldt County CA for several years to surf some chilly waves and float some pristine rivers. The search for new adventures took them back across the country to the East Coast, landing in Key West for a few delightful years of sailing and spearfishing. Eventually the chilly California coast beckoned again and the happy couple moved back behind the Redwood Curtain to chase more waves and hike more trails. Early in 2013, the couple became a trio with the addition of Evie. After another cross-country move back home to Indiana, the trio settled into life in the midwest. Their new home lacked oceans, mountains, and waves…but had plenty of family and friends to have fun around. 2015 brought Alba into the picture and rounded out the family nicely.

Ben works full-time as a high school teacher, swim coach, and behavioral consultant. He teaches English and works in the Special Education department. He holds a BA from Purdue in English, an Education Specialist credential from Humboldt State, and  a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Indiana University.

Justine is a stay-at-home mother, entrepreneur, and Doula . She studied Small Business at Purdue University. She is also a licensed massage therapist specializing in prenatal and infant massage therapy. You can find her Etsy shop here.

Evelyn and Alba are fun-loving rascals that enjoy any outdoor activity that ends with a campfire and s’mores.