Windy days are few and far between locally, but that doesn’t mean the good times can’t roll. One of my favorite workouts on windless days is a Paddleboard session at Chain-o-Lakes State Park in Albion (Indiana). I grew up going fishing and hiking in the park with my parents, so it’s always a fun trip down memory lane (or channel). The park encompasses 9 lakes and 10+ miles of rolling trails. The fishing is good (on occasion) and the wildlife is plentiful. The crowds can be thick on the main lake due to kayak rentals, but thin out as one paddles towards the edges of the park. I recommend paddling the whole chain in a loop. One can rack up 6-8 miles of paddling if you work your way along the edge of all the lakes.


The above pictures are from a few different trips up to the park. I usually end up going for a paddle in the park 2-3 times a month. I’ve spotted everything from beavers to bald eagles during my early morning paddles. Plan on spending a couple hours on the water at minimum.

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